As a thermocouple with up to 3 thermocouples
As a resistance thermometer with up to 2 measuring resistor

Thermocouple types

• NiCr-Ni (K)
• Fe-CuNi (J or L)
• Cu-CuNi (U or T)
• NiCrSi-NiSi (N)
• PtRh-Pt (S, R or B)

Measuring resistor

Platinum measuring resistor
Nickel measuring resistor

Temperature range

According to sensor typ and construction from -200°C to 1600°C depending on sensor typ

The following mounting variants are possible

• screw on
• weld on
• installation with pipe clamps
• adhering by magnet

For pipe wall measurements all types are available with a radius adapted to the pipe diameter.

Connection as required.

See separate data sheet Datenblatt DB_016_S1v1deu

The use of all surface thermometers applies

The greater the temperature gradient between the surface to be measured and the ambient air, the more important is a thermal isolation of the measuring point from the environment. In order to optimize the heat transport from the surface to be measured to the sensor, heat conducting pastes should be used if possible.