Thermocouple socket boxes


Thermocouple socket boxes serve to simplify the process of replacing the thermometers in thermotechnical systems of all kinds. The socket boxes have standardised connectors for thermocouple plugs and can thus be used for all standard thermocouples.

The disconnection/connection of the thermometers from/to the controller takes place by unplugging/ plugging in the coded plug. This thus precludes the risk of polarity reversal when replacing the thermometers.

Inspection of the wiring for the controller is very easy as you only need to plug in a testing instrument.

Down times are reduced.
Different versions

Thermocouples of the following types:
• NiCr-Ni (K)
• NiCrSi-NiSi (N)
• PtRh-Pt (S, R, B)
Number of plug-in positions

• as necessary
Casing made of aluminium

• with bolted lid
• Casing size depending on number of plug-in locations
Further versions

Also available for other standard thermocouple pairs.
Intended use

• Heat treatment furnaces
• Hardening plants
Furnace construction