A tradition of quality

Quality-conscious thinking and acting was and still is our top priority. We aim to provide and sell products and services of excellent quality and the greatest degree of utility. We want to have satisfied customers who have lasting confidence in our performance, because their judgment is our most important measure of quality. With our products and services, we want to satisfy the expectations, needs and demands of buyers - taking economic aspects into account. Optimal customer care, timely production and delivering as planned are part of our self-image. The targeted qualification training of our staff is adapted to suit the respective current requirements of our customers. Just like the specialists in almost all fields and disciplines in today's working world that are able to solve certain tasks better and more economically than the "all-rounder" ever could, we have specialised in solving temperature measurement tasks by producing electrical temperature sensors. If measuring temperature with resistance thermometers and thermocouples is one of your responsibilities, we can certainly be of benefit to you.